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With 22 years of experience in the spiritual and holistic healing industry Christina is committed to facilitating healing, clarity and divine guidance to help you awaken to your full potential!

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$111 Session

Approximately 30 minutes

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Akashic Spiritual Guidance Session

Get Answers to Your Questions

Recommended as a first session

Akashic Healing Session

Trauma Clearing and Healing Facilitation

Tap into this multi-dimensional divine “library” of pure energy beyond time and space that holds the soul records of all thoughts, words, actions and lifetimes in all realities! These Akashic Records are interactive; they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings, belief systems, and the potentials and probabilities we manifest. Information about the Akashic Records —The Book of Life— can be found throughout history all over the world, in folklore, in myth, and throughout the Old and New Testaments. It is traceable at least as far back as the Semitic peoples and includes the Arabs, the Assyrians, the Phoenicians, the Babylonians and the Hebrews. Among each of these peoples was the belief that there is in existence some kind of celestial tablets which contain all manner of spiritual information. The Records contain knowledge of all that has occurred, as well as possibilities of what is to come. Journeying into the Akashic Field, you can visit, gain clarity and understanding that allows one to clear and release difficult blocks in the present, heal relationship and financial patterns. You can positively transform incidents from certain times and places that may still have a hold on you.

You can get assistance from the spiritual realm and receive clarity and understanding of how and why things happen as they do, why certain people are in your life and what lessons you are here to learn, which allows one to heal and empower ourselves in ways that will make our lives better and happier. You can access Ancestral clearing of unwanted patterns and find peace with yourself and your family.

You can gain life changing insightful guidance through conscious connection with your guides, utilizing compassionate wisdom to release obstacles to your magnificence!

The Akashic Records

Soul Contracts

Other Lives

Release Fears

Spiritual Guidance

Know Your Soul

Clearing & Healing Facilitation

Christina Arter

Holistic Practioner

Christina has over two decades of experience in spiritual and holistic health. She has training and experience as a certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Channel, Reiki, Qi Gong and Quantum Energy Healing practitioner. She owned and ran an organic wellness spa for over seven years. After her own spiritual awakening, she discovered that Akashic Record readings and spiritual guidance are a part of her own soul contract and divine mission of purpose. She is thrilled to be of service to you on your path of awakening!

Our Clients Say

I have worked with Christina in both Akashik Records Reading and Akashik Healing sessions and found tremendous value in both. Christina is incredibly talented, compassionate, and highly professional. She provided me with lessons and understandings in both session types that helped me heal and evolve as a person. Our sessions were smooth, detailed, and well-rounded and I felt a very high degree of trust in our work. In all sessions I felt good understanding what the objective was, I felt prepared for the session, and I felt that the information and outcomes from the work were well discussed towards the conclusion of the session. This is why for me each session – individually and in different ways – contributed to a profound and transformative experience. In particular, I feel the Akashik healing was an incredibly powerful experience. It brought to the surface emotions and blocks that I thought I dealt with intellectually (or not at all) and flushed these dark places with a beacon of light and forgiveness. As a result, I feel changed, becoming stronger and more loving. I feel better able to deal with life around me, accelerating my congruency in body mind, and spirit, as well as my ability and desire to forgive. I am happy to recommend anyone who feels strongly about their quality of life to consider working with Christina, and I am very grateful to her for the strength and balance that our work has brought into my life.


I had a reading with Christina and it exceeded my expectations. The divine came through and answered my questions in a very clear specific way. I can say that Christina has a beautiful gift in her abilities to connect with the divine.

Christina is highly professional and explained the process clearly. I recommend anyone wanting to have their records opened and to connect with this higher dimension you will not be disappointed. Christina's gift was a blessing for me and I look forward to connecting with her again. Blessings to all. Thank you Christina, you are exceptional.


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